RN Brand & Design

A collection of inspirational shirts inspired by life's journey from being broken to being made whole. This collection of Christian shirts creates an opportunity to share your testimony, like the bestselling My Scars shirt, "I show my scars so that others know they can heal."

RN Brand & Design was established to serve as a fundraising concept for non-profits, ministries and community organizations.  RN Brand & Design found a way to incorporate a message of hope and healing into t-shirts.  With the introduction of the unique and inspirational designs.

The “My Scars” shirt has been seen on television worn by the Grammy Award Gospel Duo Mary Mary. 

What started off as a quote written by Rhachelle Nicol’ to sign each copy of her memoir, Sunday Mourning, has become so much more. 

Someone needs to see your scars. With the My Scars shirt becoming one of the most recognized and top selling designs, Rhachelle Nicol’ decided to shift gears and focus on building a brand around it by introducing Scarred Tees. You can now shop the brand by simply going to www.scarredtees.com